Frontline Spot-On Combo

Frontline Spot-On Combo

Frontline Spot-On Combo

Just as we humans are enjoying the continued heat of the summer, insects such as fleas and ticks are also enjoying it. At this time of the year both of these irritating blood suckers are at their most active, so it makes sense to ensure that your pets are protected from these parasites.

One simple monthly application of Frontline Combo spot on will keep your dog protected, killing fleas within 24hours and ticks within 48 hours, it also kills biting lice within 48 hours. On top of this Frontline combo also disrupts the fleas ability to lay fertile eggs, helping to prevent a build up of fleas in your home.

Application is a simple process of squeezing the contents of the tube onto a single spot on your dogs skin between its shoulder blades.

Chez’s Comment: I hate both fleas and ticks, and so far this year I haven’t been affected by them thanks to my monthly dose of frontline. :-)


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